I love to create paintings as full of beautiful bright colours as possible! I take pleasure in converting dark, dull or plain images into bolder, more engaging visions of how I imagine they could look.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, and I always enjoy taking a lot of photos wherever I go. Amongst many other interests, I have a particular love of historic landmarks, old and new buildings that have their own stories, wild plants and animals, and idyllically beautiful or unsettlingly rugged coastlines.

My choice of media is almost always acrylic paint on canvas, as I enjoy seeing how strikingly the solid, opaque colours come together to form a bold and original design.

My initial vocation was actually biology, and after obtaining a first class degree in Biological Sciences, I worked for five years as a Microbiologist in Devon. However, in 2014, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the same year I was found to have an incurable brain tumour. This, of course, caused huge, unpredictable life changes and completely altered the way that I live. I have had to slow down a lot in many ways, and am constantly aware of my uncertain future. Nevertheless, I now have found a huge amount of joy and relaxation in smaller things, and along with playing and singing music, dancing, and going on beautiful walks, designing and working on my paintings is one of my very favourite pastimes.